How to review & recommend a business at One Business Directory

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To review and recommend a business at One Business Directory, you have to specify the context of your review. These are the seven categories to choose from:

  • Their customer service
  • Working for them/Job application/Interview
  • Their products & services
  • Doing business with them
  • Nuisance, doorstep selling or harassing calls
  • Business scam & fraud
  • Other (Suggest the missing category)

You can also provide the relevant sub category, such as 'sub contractor or previous supplier' for the caegory, 'Doing business with them'.

If you select 'Business scam & fraud' category, you cannot recommend the business or give it  rating stars.

Business recommendations are calculated only if the review has more than three stars.

You can review a business when logged in or you can confirm your email if you are new to One Business Directory.