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Discover the beautiful landscape garden - a masterpiece of garden design.

Created in the 18th century by Charles Hamilton as a living painting, Painshill park invites you to walk around a work of art and discover dramatic follies, calming waters and stunning views.

The park is regarded as one of the foremost and finest examples of the English Landscape Movement. The style of landscape design that has been described, by architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner, as “Britain’s’ greatest contribution to the visual arts”.

Enjoy a fantastic day out for all the family that’s full of heritage, beauty, adventure and outdoor fun.

A romantic landscape full of surprises await you, your friends and family.

Keywords: Adventure     Nature     Walk     Beautiful landscape

Global business:  Tourists from all over the world

Opening times:  Mon - Sun : 10:30 - 15:30.

Painshill Park Surrey  England  KT11 1JE 

 Amusement park

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01932 868113

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