Depot Climbing

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Making everybody strong in Sheffield.

At Depot Climbing, we're here to help make everyone become strong, however, that strength comes; from the physical to the mental.

In our centres you will not only find World class climbing, you'll also find training areas, gym spaces, cafes with hot and cold handcrafted refreshments and comprehensive climbing shops with everything you might need on your climbing journey.

We also host some of the biggest climbing competitions around, from Manchester's Battle of Britain, Nottingham's Bloc Buster to Sheffield's Depot Youth Cups and the legendary Wide Boyz crack climbing festival, Crack Fest.

There's something for everyone at Depot Climbing, and so much more.

Keywords: Rock climbing     Fitness     Strength     Agility

232 Woodbourne rd Sheffield  South Yorkshire  England  S9 3LQ 

 Rock climbing

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