Birmingham Housing Services

Sell or let your residential and commercial properties with Birmingham Housing.

Birmingham Housing Services is a local estate agent based in Brindley Place in Birmingham city centre, serving most areas in the West Midlands.

These the property services they currently provide:

Residential and commercial property sales Residential and commercial property lettings Residential and commercial property management Supported housing for homeless and vulnerable people in Birmingham.

Their prices are within most local landlords' budget. Landlords get informed of every stage of the lettings and sale process using the accessible dashboard from their account on the website.

Keywords: Property lettings     Property sales     Property management     Supported accommodation

Local business:  Birmingham, Selly Oak, West bromwich

Opening times:  Mon - fri: 10:00 - 18:00.

Eleven Brindley Place 2nd Floor, 2 Brunswick Square Birmingham  West Midlands  England  B1 2LP 

 Estate agent

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